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Q:Will I be working with a different stylist every visit?
A:No, our stylists have been working with us for a very long time. You will have a dedicated stylist who knows your preferences and needs and will always give you the individual, personal attention you deserve. 
Q:Are your hair replacements made from stock templates, (one size fits all)?
A:Each of our hair replacements is uniquely designed to perfectly fit your head with a texture, color, style, and length, that matches your own hair. 
Q:Will I be forced to sign a long term contract?
A:Our contract agreements are flexible. You decide how many replacements you want to purchase. You pay your service on a monthly basis. There are no slick, pushy sales people. 
Q:If a repair or hair add in is necessary, how long will I have to wait?
A:All our repairs are made on-site, as quickly as possible, usually within a few days. 
Q:Will I have to wait long for an appointment?
A: We work hard to accommodate our client’s busy schedules. We are equipped to handle, on-site, any “hair emergencies”, to ensure you always look your best. 
Q:Is it expensive?
A:Our prices for hair services are reasonable and affordable, even in today’s economic climate. We are a small family owned business. We have low overhead, no fancy infomercials, no bloated staff with highly paid salesmen, and none of the Madison Avenue glitz that ends up costing you more money for hair and services. 
Q:Why do so many replacements look so bad? I can always spot them.
A:You really can only spot the “BAD” ones. A client must have a stylist who is up on the latest styles and works with him to make sure he looks great and feels comfortable.You cannot buy a hair system and walk out the door and not expect to do maintenance. You wouldn’t buy a car and neglect to change the oil, check your tires, etc. You would protect your investment. When you choose to enhance your looks you are making an investment in yourself.
Q:Isn’t it easier to just be natural and go bald?
A:There are people who really aren’t bothered by hair loss. They shrug it iff and shave their head. They are rare.If you are camouflaging your thin areas with heavy sprays, if you’re taking longer than you used too to walk out the door and are still unhappy with your looks, if you are spending more and more time with a baseball cap on, FACE IT: your hair loss is bothering you.The new replacements are the closest thing to getting your hair back. You can shower, comb your hair, and be out the door. It takes less time and energy than trying to disguise the obvious. The end result will be a younger looking, more confident you!   
Q:What’s better, transplants or non-surgical replacements?
A:It all depends on you. If you have a LARGE donor area to take from, and have the finances, transplants might be right for you. You need to have enough hair of your own, in the back, to move to the top of your head and fill in your hair loss.You also have to understand you might not be done losing your hair. If you start a transplant and continue to lose hair, will you have enough coverage? If a man has reached his forties and is thinning, chances are he is not going to go completely bald. He’s a great candidate. A man in his twenties with hair loss is likely to lose most of the hair he has on top and must consider this if he wants transplants. How full is the donor area? Can he lose a great deal there and not worry about the scarring or missing hair? We will honestly assess your hair loss, without pressure in free consultation. All of your questions will be answered in a private room, not by a slick salesman with a bottom line but by stylists that have many years experience in the field of hair replacement. 
Q:If I am a woman, going through chemo therapy or radiation for catastrophic illness, what type of hair solution is best for me?
A:This is where you really need a professional in hair replacement!! We have experienced and compassionate stylists that will take their time to listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions in one of our private rooms.For many women, this is a time sensitive issue. It may also only last a 6 moth period, with the client not being up to frequent visits to the shop for cleaning and adjustments. If that’s the case, we have a vast line of completely natural looking, easy to care for syntress hair wigs. These can be cleaned and maintained at home with very little effort. We will work with you to teach you the home care without rushing you out the door. We are here if you need us, for as long as you need us.If your illness is long term, with no hope of your own hair returning, we can design a make a fully custom fitted wig that can mimic your own hair and fit and feel as your own. We have the finest human hair and we can make adjustments and repairs on site. Let us take that worry from you! 
Q:Does your company only deal with women with catastrophic hair loss?
A:No, 50% of women suffer hair loss. Many women are now thinning into their 40’s and 50’s due to the fact that hormone treatments are not prescribed as before. Many are thinning just due to genetics. We have many women clients who have a new lease on life, due to the work we have done. We design systems to match their hair in wave pattern and color. These systems fit comfortably, and incorporate the hair they have in a natural style.


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