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      & HAIR LOSS


I have been active in the field of hair replacement for 40 years.  In my years as a manager I have seen the industry go from hot, heavy tape on “RUGS”, to the advances and solutions of today.


The field has changed so greatly over the years. I have worked hard to keep up with the new procedures. I have gleaned knowledge every day from working in this ever changing field. One thing I know for certain is that every person’s specific needs vary greatly.


Not every man wants to shave his head! It’s a simple fact. If you are reading this you are NOT happy with your appearance. There are great options today. There are WONDERFUL advances that incorporate the thinnest lightest materials and laces to create a virtually undetectable hair replacement.


My theory on MENS’ HAIR REPLACEMENT is this:

it should be subtle. You would like MORE but not that much MORE! Go with the hairline you are comfortable with, and that doesn’t require a lot of work out of the shower. If you had your own hair, what would it look like? It should be making your life easier, not harder. Give us a call today!


If you are not looking for a wig, but for a light weight customized hair replacement to fill in the top only, this is the perfect solution for you! THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY!
Come in, and we will show you how simple it is to resolve this issue. It is a non-invasive, easy for you to maintain option. Considering it is worn every day, our hair piece options are not expensive.
We will take a mold of your head if necessary and color blend to your hair. Make an appointment to come into one of our private styling rooms and let us answer all your questions, NO OBLIGATION!!
People that suffer catastrophic hair loss, alopecia, trichotillomania, or have medically induced hair loss, need to explore the options for a full wig. There are several options, depending on the situation. It is so important that you can talk to someone, unrushed, in privacy, that can best assess your needs. A custom made human hair wig is the ultimate, but it is not always the best option for our clients. People who will have their hair return within a year do not need to spend the kind of money, time, and upkeep when they are ill. There are absolutely awesome synthetic wigs that are affordable. These wigs can be cut down and designed for a carefree style, with no upkeep.
Let us walk you through your choices in our spacious, private wig room! Schedule your appointment today.
You might want to consider laser hair therapy, which is FDA approved and has given many people positive results. Low level Laser Light Therapy can enhance the blood flow to your scalp and thicken and add volume to your hair follicles.
We will gladly give you an HONEST assessment on the likelihood of success. Ask about our highly affordable programs, that are done as you read or watch television in a comfortable private room. Combine this with a restorative enhancement shampoo and conditioner, and you have a safe, non-invasive, drug free option to improve the quality of your hair. It will enhance the blood flow to your scalp, help block DHT (the chemical that prevents healthy hair growth), aiding in a creation of a healthy palette for your hair to become fuller. Schedule your appointment today!
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