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Our Treatment for Alopecia

Imagine losing your hair in patches all of a sudden. Imagine the panic you would feel? I’ve been in the hair replacement business for more years than I like to think about. One of the most complex issues I have dealt with is ALOPECIA. There are basically 2 kinds of Alopecia, ALOPECIA AREATA and ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS aka ALOPECIA TOTALIS.

Alopecia Areata is a condition that leads to round patches of hair being lost. This can advance to total hair loss and even loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair. It is, in most cases, an autoimmune genetic predisposition. Its exact cause is unknown. It can be triggered by a number of things. Emotional and physical stress is the usual culprit. It can wax and wane, depending on what’s going on in your life. Only about 10% will totally recover from the onslaught of this disorder.

Although many are at risk for other autoimmune disorders like vitiligo and thyroid disease, in my experience the clients that I see with this are perfectly healthy otherwise. They just have no hair. If someone comes in for a consultation with this problem, I send them first to a doctor. I can treat the effects, but not the cause.

We carry a full line of beautiful, well made, ready to wear wigs. However for something this severe and long lasting, I always recommend a custom designed human hair system. Custom designed systems have been a great source of happiness for our clients suffering from ALOPECIA. They once again feel good about themselves. They return to a sense of normalcy in their lives. They can take control of an uncontrollable situation.

We start the process by a private consultation. I need to know their life style, see pictures of their hair before the disorder, and talk to the client seriously about their expectations. If the client decides to move forward, we begin the process.

First a mold is taken of their head. This mold is as unique as a fingerprint. It fits this client only. We design the wig to look like a natural hairline and for the back base to go right under their occipital bone to insure a proper fit.

Next, we blend the color. Usually, a full head of natural hair will have different soft, subtle highlights. We blend different colors to achieve this effect for their prosthesis.

We then decide what materials will work best for their base. The quality of hair the client desires and the wave pattern are determined next. The mold and paperwork with instructions are sent out. Return time is 8 to 10 weeks, longer if the hair that is used is European.

When the wig is returned, we set up a cut and style appointment. The client will be here for 2 hours, while we make sure they leave with a head of hair they are proud to display. We schedule a follow up to go over any concerns they have and to assure them, as our client, we are there for them.

It’s a bit more involved than coming in and picking a wig off of the display, but it means the world to our clientele. It’s the best part of our work, being allowed to design from start to finish, a product that makes our clients smile again.

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