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Pat M, Chicago

I’ve been a client of Christine Pusateri for over 7 years, and what a pleasure it has been! Christine has the perfect combination of personality and talent, very rare to find in the hair replacement industry . Before I discovered Christine, I dreaded my hair appointments. I moved around from place to place, always searching for the right one. Now that Christine has opened her own location, Christine Pusateri’s Solutions, I know I’ll never have to search again! I actually look forward to my hair appointments now. I always leave with my hair looking great!


You can trust Christine to do the same for you.


Peggy, Evanston


I have received numerous compliments on my  hair since I started working with Chris Pusateri.  When I reached menopause my once thick hair began to thin and
while I tried many products none really helped. It was hard to find articles that talked explicitly about options (hair pieces and proven products) for older women.


 I consulted with Chris who was friendly and professional and I finally I got results. I felt confident again!


Chris is an expert in solutions to hair loss and her salon is client-centered.  My hair is again a source of compliments!

John, Texas


I’v Christine,


Your new place is great, look forward to my next visit! I just wanted to say how much I enjoydoing business with Pusateri Solutions. You are a wonderful person to deal with and your skill in styling my system cannot be matched. Over the years I have worked with many different companies and none have made me as pleased with their product and services as you have. You always follow up to make sure I am satisfied and it is obvious you TRULY care about your clients. I am your client for as long as you will put up with me!


Thank you!

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