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Thank You Brian Urlacher For Helping The Hair Loss Cause

non sugical hair replacement

When you drive down 294 heading south of Chicago you will see at least 20 billboards featuring Brian Urlacher. Brian Urlacher spent his 13 year football career as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears. Recently, Brian has become known for promoting a hair transplant company, along with Eddie Olczyk, and Ryne Sandburg, both great athletes in their own rite.

We at CHRISTINE PUSATERI HAIR SOLUTIONS market only non-surgical hair replacement. In other words, we do not preform transplants. What we have noticed however, is the inclination of young men to no longer wish to shave their heads, which had become popular about 20 years ago, because of Michael Jorden. The comment we hear most is “I don’t want to shave my head. My DAD shaves his head!” Brian Urlacher getting hair has really helped this inclination. Having someone who had a shaved head decide to promote hair has been great.

Transplants are expensive. They work extremely well for the right candidate. For example, a 50 year old man with a thinning spot in the back of his head, or the gentleman who has lost hair in his temples or front hair line. The methods they use now are extraordinary. Working in the field of hair replacement beginning in the 70’s, I saw terrible damage done to scalps and scarring on craniums from scalp reductions. These were done to hide where the hair had been removed to be transplanted. It has much improved.

One problem that still exists for transplant patients is donor areas. They are not cloning new hair they are basically moving what hair you have to another spot on your head. A young man in his late twenties that goes for transplants will continue to bald as time goes on. His front hairline will be filled in but the rest of the hair will continue to thin and eventually he will not have enough to go around his head.

This is the reason I say “THANK YOU” to Brian Urlacher. These young men realize they neither have the funds or the donor hair to keep up with their hair loss. We are a reasonable, quick, and simple solution. The other consideration is that there is no long term commitment. They can try hair for the year and can decide it’s not for them and there is no scarring or permanent hair loss. We are a simple solution for a major problem.

The new types of hair systems are the closest thing to getting your real hair back. They are a light weight, see through, and comfortable. They are attached so you can swim, jog, work out, and your hair looks like, YOUR HAIR!! We ask for pictures to replicate the style the client is comfortable with and can replicate anything from a bald fade to a close cropped look. We do a mold of the clients head, blend the color, and work with the client to make them comfortable. We can change styles throughout the year if need be. We always tell them, “NOTHING IS WRITTEN IN STONE.” People with their full heads of hair change their cuts often. When the hair always looks the same or always looks too perfect, it’s a giveaway. We strive to look at them through fresh eyes and keep their best interest in mind. That is part of our mission statement.

We are in a unique business for advertising. No one is going to walk out of our studio and proclaim to the world, “HEY LOOK AT MY GREAT HAIR REPLACEMENT!!” It needs to be a well-kept secret. This being the case, how do you advertise? We advertise discreetly, much of where we reach out is on line. Brian Urlacher made it cool to want hair. Guys with loss felt pressured to just shave it off and be done. He brought back the realization that men want hair and could do something about it. So wether you are a good candidate for transplants or are considering a non-surgical answer, I have to say THANK YOU, BRIAN URLACHER!

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